The most noobish noob thread ever..

Wow nice... T5Dr cool. I never got my hands on it though. But its considered better game for Yoshi. Why cos oki game was superb. XD so you need to learn u/f 3 even more now. You want to learn T5dr Pls watch souten videos. He is epic. He took Yoshi to max possible levels. So many new tricks. Pls watch his final at aoten vs no respect. Pls come back souten. Pls <3

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Okie i got carried away. Coming to Dr.. Its the game where you see Yoshi do max oki. If the person is on ground the fc d/f 3 hits. It catches tech roll. You can go into FC even by a little hope. So you need to pull off all moves in FC. Its very imp. FC1, FC2. FC d/f 3. FC u/f 3 etc. You can get some juggles from even FC 1 also believe me. Err did i drift away from topic or some thing :P. Any ways jembru are you ok with my comments or you want me to stop. :|

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P.s Learning command list is not a must, learn useful moves first Pls.

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