The most noobish noob thread ever..

Ok jembru. I will help you as much as i can. First of all dont worry about the moon move its not as good as you think. Any one can jab you out of it i think i can jab out that move 8 out of ten times so forget it. XD and coming to Yoshi in my opinion he is easy to learn interesting to play at intermediate level and noob char at expert level any how he is our Yoshi.Now lets go training you. Lets start with Yoshi's top ten moves list. Try to pull out all the top ten moves in the list of Tekken zaibatsu or try this. Most imp 1. ff4 2. d/f 1 , 3. b2+1 4. u/f 3 5. Slap you silly moves. Others to be continued. Patient came got to go . XD