The most noobish noob thread ever..

Oh yeah.. headset. ^^ Now that I am feeling so brave about technology, I might actually try it out! Might take me a little while to find it of course.

I've actually never played online by myself so you'll have to be patient while a make goofy mistakes. My ex boyfriend always did all the hard stuff for me and just passed me the control when it was ready (and I only ever played Sumsamurai and Fastlegs anyway ^^).

Been playing for about 2 hours now and the input isn't working again. Was fine at first but now such simple moves won't work. I really think it could be my pad actually. I know a bad workman-woman (hehe) blames her tools but I really can't explain it. Even U+3+4 won't work anymore (did I write that right? Do you know what I meant? It's guillotine crow kick I think). Kinda lame move but I needed it to stamp on rodger's head before. It was working EVERY TIME before. Maybe I shift my grip on the pad sometimes. I have a weird way of holding it anyway (only met one other person who plays this way, with first and second fingers only of the right hand but the thumb of the left ^^).

Oh one last thing, I am really, really annoying on DR because I lose every battle so it is always my turn to pick the stage and I ALWAYS pick Lily's with the cute love-heart balloons and the giant teddies! It's just my way of wearing down my opponent. It slowly drives them to the brink of sanity and I might just be able to sneak a flukey win!!! Also, no walls there so I can't be abused horribly. Just normal abuse!