The most noobish noob thread ever..

Aww.. thanks to both of you. I didn't know I could actually see what I'd input. That is a great tip. I'm thinking of spending a few weeks where I play with a different character each evening and just try to get a feel for them.. Then come back to yoshi. I have never played with another character so I don't really have much of an appreciation of their moves, strengths, weaknesses. Not that one evening will teach me much, but it might help. Or will my time be wasted?


Added 15 hours 40 minutes later:

Right, I decided just to battle different characters all the time in practice mode to get an idea of their moves and stuff. Might help.

Next noob question:..

Due to my hopeless input skills, I often end up with my back turned for random reasons seemingly out of my control. Besides just doing a backflip which, of course, leaves me STILL in BT, what other moves are good from this position?

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