The most noobish noob thread ever..

Learning to play Tekken is like trying to spell in another language from finger memory. There's a grammar code and way things are to be done. lmao d+1+4 spells death. (I bet that's wrong) *inserts more funny comparisons* I have not played for more than 7 months??? My tv, console and controller has dust. I've seriously forgotten everything that is basic.

Pad is best for you. Learning to play stick is just for people who wanna play other people in arcade. Or for those who wanna impress other peoples by showing them how hard they can smash the buttons and slam the stick in a tournament. Eventually the stick will break, they may even get out a repair kit and show others: 'Look at me! I'm also a repair guy!' 8) LOL

Just try pressing all the buttons and see what they do. Square is 1, triangle is two (These are basically left and right punch.) Same goes for 3 X and 4 is circle, this is left and right kick. Now, mix em up and see what you can get. :D Watch his move list and practice them, but you can worry about doing combos later.

You can even set the shoulder buttons in controller settings for flash, a throw and dragonfly.

May i also add i think it's best to practised on DR first. T6 has a lot of busy movement and distractions in the background. :)


Added 5 minutes later:

Well.. maybe i didn't forget everything, my fingers play for me. And it feels very weird like everything is backwards. I'm playing DR now, I do have T6, but am more fond of DR. :P

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