The most noobish noob thread ever..

No seriously guys, do an old YOT girl a favour and help me out. I've been a yoshi fan for almost 2 and a half years now and I really wanna get good. I still don't have tekken 6 but it's on my Christmas list and my gf has said she might treat me to it!!!!

So I really wanna learn to play this damned game. Please keep in mind that prior to Tekken I had never played a fighting game (besides a few rounds of Soul Calibur when I was 14) and my gaming history was all platforms and puzzel games. So try to be gentle with me.

My hope is that you will all be kind enough to answer my silly noob questions and help me to become a better yoshi player. Keep in mind that I currently only have DR online.

So noob question number one...

What do you guys think is easiest for controlling Tekken... the d-pad, or the analogue stick. You see, I often try to input one thing, and yoshi does something completely different. I have tiny skiny little hands, so it's not chubby fingers that cause it. Currently, I use the D-pad.

Thanks in advance.