What is your favorite tekken character

My updated tops:

1. Yoshimitsu!: still my best as of now, but some say that I'm way better using my 2 or 3? I think now coz I basically become much more flexible as Yoshi compared to my 2 and 3 and I can mix up more moves than my 2 and 3...

2. Nina Williams: yeah, I admit I'm pretty good playing with Nina, although i can't perform the flapping juggle, I can still deal some pretty good moves with Nina.

3. Alisa Boskonovitch: I wasnt really sure before that I'll be a good Alisa user until I then became one. She's very fun to use and kinda easy too. I usually use her at some quick matches against my friends. Easy juggles and easy moves(in my opinion)


4. Lili Rochefort: I hate her as my enemy, and because that I hated her so much, I tried using her once and found out that its kinda nice to use her >_> I then became a good Lili user, OH NOES!

5. Kuma: I've been practicing Kuma recently coz of the extremely hard opponent I fought who used a Kuma and I tried fighting for 5x and I still cant beat that Kuma! >_<

6. Asuka Kazama: I know I'm better using her than Kuma, but I basically use baasic movesets for her and i only know 2 juggles for her :))
Characters I wanna know how to use:

-Roger Jr.
-Sergei Dragunov
-Lars Alexandersson (I definitely wanna know how to use Lars, I've been practicing, but not enough)