Pet Names - Tell Us About Your Nickname

Smooth Criminal - my gamertag I use for any competitive game. I like Michael Jackson but that's not the reason I chose the name. I was looking for a good name to kick ass with and the song came up. I've been using it whenever I can.

Smooth Operator - normally my 2nd gamertag. I took it since it's also a song and it goes well with Smooth Criminal.

Grey - some games only allow actual 'names' so I stuck with Grey which are my initials, Rey G. = G.Rey

Wizard - a nickname I'm called by my friends. It started off as an insult by my friend making fun of me reading Harry Potter and playing Everquest and all that nerdy stuff. Grew to a compliment every time I say something smart. Then my friend started introducing me to other friends as wizard. The name stuck and I like it now since it goes with anything I try.