Pet Names - Tell Us About Your Nickname

Okie Heres the Thing....
Lets Just say our Nick names and the Reason why u got that nickname ....... and your real Name (If you dont mind saying )

So I will start with me

Name : Vijay Kumar S

Nick name : Yoshimitsu, Cyber , Cyberkid......

Reason...... (Yoshi)From the days of Tekken 3 the only Player I played constantly is Yoshi.... Even now when i pick Alisa people just tease me around Why the hell is yoshimitsu picking alisa and all :P

Cyberkidvj...... Cos I used to Hang around internet too much when i was in Medical schoool so people call me cyber...and that was in my first Year so i was like Kid to all....... Hence forth Cyberkid :D

now come on your turn \m/

Added 54 seconds later:

Oh.... and there is one more game that i play ....... DOTA ....and i pick drow in that game consistenly....Hence i am also called Drow freak :P

Added 1 minute later:

Nobody wants to share. :( come on i promise i wont tease you.

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