Music Thread - What Are You Listening To??

# Kogamitsu : I've taken up German as well, and I must admit, I have no difficulty in understanding Rammstein. I wouldn't call the lyrics simple, though. They've often got a lot more going on in them than it first appears. For instance, who is he actually hurting if he says he "can see your face in the mirror" ("Ich seh im Spiegel dein Gesicht")...?

Are you learning BECAUSE of Rammstein? :p Well, if you ever want someone to practice with, drop me a line. :D It's such an addictive language.

I was gonna say,'yeah, but when would I ever need to say that?' But then I thought... when would I ever need to say 'I'm as strong as a tiger' and realised that it's all good practice.

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