What is your favorite tekken character

Mine's kind of all over the place.

1. Xiaoyu/ Kunimitsu - I cannot, will not, and physically am incapable of deciding between the two. They are my love.

2. Kazuya - honestly I do not ever use him. At all. :\ For some reason it's his story, art, and overall design I adore but I just don't feel like becoming part of "those guys" that use Mishimas.

4. Panda - :) D'awwwwwww <3 Plus in 6 she turned into a ridiculous powerhouse!

5. Anna Williams/ Lee Chaolan - these two are both some of my absolute best characters (besides Ling, they can't even match her remotely), and I love how stylish and idiotic their personalities come off to be. Overly dramatic ho-bag, and a sleazy rich self-loving douche. For some reason I enjoy using them. They annoy even more than ling when people are beaten by them.

3. Yoshimitsu - Stunning design, great diversity, and in Tekken DR, his player 2 outfit was incredible! However... since Tekken 6, and Tekken 6 BR, we've had two titles already with a nerfed Yoshimitsu, that SEVERELY strayed from the Japanese aesthetic he held. I'm not really a fan as much anymore. he just seems....different now....